Jun 08

Dagens tanke

Dem say a bagga tings
Dem never need fi seh
When it come to di teseh here seh dem never mean fi seh
When dem said dem should’ntdream fi seh
But member seh hear seh dat a weh people seh
Things dem put mi through only father god now it greave me
Cyaan believe who mi think was mi friend deceive me
Thanks to my parents who conceive me
Everybody else can go them fucking ways and leave me

When dem see me smile and gwaan like everything nice
It’s no surprise just look what Judas did to Christ
It won’t be accepted so don’t apologize
For all the shit you put mi through mi nah go compromise
Don’t be apologetic cause things are not
Gonna be copasetic forget it
And don’t let it escalate no more
I’m asking u the same questions I ask before

What have I done to you?
Why you wanna treat me like a criminal
I’m not no criminal
What have I done to you?

(Bugle – what have I done to you)

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  1. plotki says:

    Fortsætte med at arbejde, stor opgave!

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